Started in 1988 out of the back of a pickup truck by Thomas F. Kennedy, a Professional Engineer and former Executive Vice President for a major developer and Michael T. Carp, a former Certified Public Accountant and Chief Financial Officer for the same developer, Kennedy Contractors, Inc. has established a reputation for unparalleled professionalism. On time, on budget and always on call, Kennedy Contractors, Inc. makes first time customers into long time clients. The goal of Kennedy Contractors, Inc. is to build relationships as strong as the foundations of the structures on which they construct.

Our philosophy is to follow a client anywhere that they ask us to work. This has resulted in our obtaining licenses in all States in the Southeastern United States requiring licensure. It has also resulted in our constructing projects throughout the Midwest, obtaining licenses in Arkansas and Arizona and working, currently, in Texas. We do all of this, competitively, from our home office in West Palm Beach, Florida and regional office in suburban Atlanta, Georgia.

Company Officers

The core of Kennedy Contractors, Inc. is:

Together, we combine construction, engineering, accounting and finance, development and project management experience and expertise to provide a fully integrated and proactive construction and development regimen.